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PCDI is an independent organisation that generates income from running her own activities. These revenues allow PCDI to keep on organising programmes for young scientists each year. PCDI also invests in the development of new programmes. Over the last years PCDI has intensified collaborations with knowledge institutes and industrial partners.

In order to explore new fields (triggered by societal demands) PCDI has regularly been granted financial support from the government and dedicated funds. 

Our subsidy partners are:



History PCDI

PCDI, established in 2007, initially focused on facilitating young scientists to make the transition outside academia. This would counteract the brain drain (young scientists going abroad) and keep scientific talent for the Dutch knowledge economy.

Gradually PCDI has positioned herself as an independent booster for the professional and career development of young scientists. The activities of PCDI did not go unnoticed: The number of PhDs/postdocs who have participated in the many programmes PCDI initiated exceeds 1,700 [as of 2015]. And the impact is even greater.


Centre of expertise

PCDI’s ever growing (inter)active community holds thousands of ECRs. By joining, they keep themselves informed on relevant developments and contribute to discussions on social media platforms on how they can maximise their chances for a successful career.

PCDI’s work has not only put professional and career development of young scientists in the spotlights, it has also contributed to give it priority on policy agendas. Having positioned herself as a centre of expertise, PCDI now acts as a conversation partner for Dutch ministries, NWO, KNAW, VSNU, NFU and supports knowledge institutes with (accelerating) the implementation of their talent and career management policy. These activities include providing advice to policy makers and giving young scientists and their employers access to targeted programmes.


Current programmes

Current programmes are aimed at maximising the potential of researchers, anticipating on their future role as science professionals in society. Talented researchers in possession of broad professional skills will play important roles in knowledge innovation in various ways, for their ability to connect science to innovative solutions to societal challenges.

In the Netherlands, the role of the scientist in the changing society is increasingly being discussed in (public) debates. The career outlook of the ever growing number of PhD students is also under scrutiny. PCDI has proven her success in developing relevant programmes to support scientists to meet the professional demands of the future. We are proud of this and we are determined to carry on with our mission!

Our stakeholders

PCDI’s most important stakeholders are the employers of scientists: universities, university medical centres and knowledge institutes. They both entrust PCDI to provide targeted training to their employees and also commission PCDI to (co-)develop specific programmes with their policy makers.

PCDI partners with knowledge innovative companies that highly value professional and career development. The benefit is mutual as these companies are the future employers of PhDs and, therefore, keen to get into contact with these potential employees .


Our partners

PCDI's partners include:


Mediating between knowledge innovative companies and talent

PCDI acts as a mediator that connects knowledge innovative companies to the PCDI network of talented PhDs. PCDI has built an international community of a couple of thousand early career researchers, who are actively preparing for the next step in their career.

The majority of this group will land into a career outside academia. PCDI strives to keep this (international) talent for the Dutch economy. It shows what opportunities at PhD level are present in small and bigger international companies in the Netherlands. Moreover, PCDI also provides insights into the preparations early career researchers can make for a smooth transition out of academia.

  • PCDI partners with SME and industry to develop programmes preparing PhDs to embark on a career outside academia. These programmes offer a platform to knowledge innovative companies, umbrella - and/or network organisations to present themselves and meet talented researchers. Providing in-dept information they are embraced by PhDs for making them able to choose a work environment that suits their profile.
  • PCDI‘s programmes support ECRs to increase their employability outside academia. Step by step they work towards their next position in which they can optimally deploy their talent for societal or economic needs.