Eva Teuling PhD

 Science outreach officer at ERIBA, UMCG, Groningen

After obtaining her PhD in Rotterdam in 2008, Eva worked in Chicago for 6 months and moved to Groningen in 2009 for a postdoc. Already knowing that a scientific career would not be way to go, she had many other activities next to her research. Especially after attending the postdoc retreat in 2010, her focus was on developing a career in science communication. Since that year, she started writing for a popular science blog, got involved in a big science communication project (The Academic Year Prize) and joined the postdoc committee for organizing the retreat in February 2011. These activities paid off,
as she was asked to set up a science exhibition in a new research institute in Groningen in 2011, which is her current job.

Eva Teuling participated in the roundtable-discussions at PCDI Postdoc Retreat 2012. She also blogs for PCDI since 2010.