Benyamin Houshyani PhD

Seed Technology Scientist, Monsanto Vegetable Seeds

houshyani_b_smallIn 2000, Benyamin obtained his MSc. in the field of Agrotechnology. Then he started as a field technical expert in local vegetable seed companies followed by international plant breeding firms for 6 years, where he practiced various skills from agronomy to commerce. Due to his emerged interest in plant breeding and science, he took part in another MSc. program for plant breeding and genetics in Wageningen University.

Subsequently, he accepted a PhD position in the department of plant physiology, where he developed a method for assessing the risk of GM plants for the environment by using model plants and transcriptomics and metabolomics technologies.

In his current role as a seed technology scientist, he develops and manages research projects to improve the quality of the solanaceous seeds of Monsanto Vegetable Seeds.

Benyamin Houshyani participated in the speed date session of the PCDI Postdoc Retreat Life Sciences 2013.