Ingeborg Streng-Ouwehand PhD

Managing Editor, Elsevier

streng_i_smallDr. Ingeborg Streng-Ouwehand is the Managing Editor of the Elsevier journal Vaccine.  After completing a Master in Oncology at the VU University, Amsterdam, in 2007 Ingeborg Streng-Ouwehand earned her PhD in immunology in the lab of Prof. Dr. Y. van Kooyk. She devoted her research on Dendritic Cell-targeting via glycan-antigen conjugates combating cancer as well as auto-immune diseases.

After this, she stayed as a research fellow in the same lab for 1,5 years. Currently, she is the Managing Editor of Vaccine.  She works directly with authors, reviewers and editors to help manage an efficient, rigorous and author friendly peer review process which maintains the high professional and scientific standards of the journal.

Ingeborg Streng-Ouwehand participated in the speed date session of the PCDI Postdoc Retreat Life Sciences 2013.