Evert-Jan Blom PhD


Scientist Lead Discovery, Keygene N.V.

blom_ej_smallEvert-Jan Blom (1978) studied Biology at the Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, with a specialization in Molecular Genetics and Bioinformatics. After receiving his Msc degree in 2002, he started a PhD project within the Molecular Genetics Group in Groningen. His project was entitled 'Computational genomics of prokaryotes - novel applications' and was supported by a grant from The Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research and industrial partners (NWO-BMI project).

He obtained his PhD-title in 2009 at the Rijksuniveriteit Groningen. In 2009 Evert-Jan joined the Lead Discovery group in the Bioinformatics department of Keygene NV focusing on bioinformatics analysis (visualization, annotation, comparative genomics, etc) of plant genomes.

He is currently involved in constructing methodologies and tools for molecular plant breeders which aid in elucidating genes that govern traits of interest.

Evert-Jan Blom participated in the speed date session of the PCDI Postdoc Retreat Life Sciences 2013.