Jeroen Jocker PhD


Senior petrophysicist, Schlumberger

Jeroen Jocker started his career with Schlumberger in 2006 as a research scientist in Ridgefield (CT) and later in Boston (MA), focusing on problems such as elastic wave propagation through heterogeneous and anisotropic elastic media.

Located in The Hague, he is currently responsible for advanced interpretation software development while providing global support to  Schlumberger customers working on complex sonic data interpretation problems.

Jeroen Jocker studied Mining and Petroleum Engineering at Delft University of Technology and received his doctorate from the same university in the field of ultrasonic wave propagation. Jeroen is married to Coby, and has three children: Tom (2004), Sam (2006) and Anne (2009).

Jeroen Jocker participated in the speeddate session of the PCDI Retreat 2014 STEM.