Liesbeth Hartsuiker PhD


Researcher, Apollo Tyres Global R&D B.V.

After obtaining her BSc degree in Industrial Engineering & Management in 2004 at the University of Twente, Liesbeth Hartsuiker switched to a Master's studies in Biomedical Engineering.

In 2007, she obtained her MSc in the field of Material and Tissue Engineering and decided to go for a PhD. Still at the UT, but now in the field of Biophysics, in 2011 this quest was completed.  The physical laboratory at Apollo Vredestein provided a field to put all the obtained knowledge to practice.

Mid 2012, the R&D department separated from the plant, and Liesbeth was to facilitate the migration of the laboratories to a brand new location: a challenging process in many aspects. After many months of organisational turbulence, she is now picking up her original activities of measurement development again.

Liesbeth Hartsuiker participated in the speeddate session of the PCDI  Retreat 2014 STEM.