Catalina Vasilescu PhD


R&D engineer, Allseas Engineering B.V.

Catalina Vasilescu studied civil engineering and computer science in Bucharest. She had an Erasmus scholarship and she did her master thesis at TU Delft.

Following this she enrolled in a PhD study and she started to work as a university assistant in the Department of Thermal Engineering at Technical University of Civil Engineering of Bucharest. She defended her PhD thesis in the field of heat pumps and refrigeration systems in 2011.

After that she moved to The Netherlands and she worked for 2 years as a postdoc researcher at TU Delft. She participated in the PCDI Postdoc Retreat in 2012. Currently she works as an R&D engineer at Allseas Engineering where she is involved in solving heat transfer problems.

Catalina Vasilescu participated in the speeddate session of the PCDI Retreat 2014 STEM.