Farid El Oualid PhD

Postdoc NKI, COO UbiQ Bio Bv, Netherlands Cancer Institute & UbiQ Bio Bv

Farid studied Chemistry and obtained his PhD in Bio-organic Chemistry at Leiden University. After obtaining a Marie-Curie Fellowship, he performed post-doctoral research at Oxford University. In 2008 he joined Huib Ovaa at the Netherlands Cancer Institute where he has since been working on the development of new chemical protein-ligation technologies. These have formed the basis for the spin-off UbiQ (www.ubiqbio.com), founded end 2010 by Farid, Huib Ovaa and Alfred Nijkerk.

UbiQ develops research tools for fundamental (cancer) research and drug development in the Ubiquitin Proteasome Field. Research by Farid and co-workers is and has been financially supported by the European Commission, an NGI Life Sciences Pre-Seed Grant, an NPC Valorisation Voucher and an STW Valorisation Grant (Phase I & II).

Farid El Oualid was one of the speakers of Postdoc Retreat 2010 in Kapellerput - Heeze. Together with Koen Verhoef (Manager of Technology Transfer Office at the NKI) he gave insights into how his research project turned into a spin-off company. Farid also participated in the speed date sessions of the PCDI Postdoc Retreat for Life Sciences 2013.