Karsten Kaspers PhD

HLO Teacher, Hogeschool Leiden

Karsten Kaspers was born in the little town of Borne (The Netherlands) in 1976. After finishing high school (MAVO) he studied analytical chemistry at the laboratory school (MLO) in Hengelo. With a letter of recommendation he switched after two years to the higher laboratory school (HLO) in Enschede. Receiving his Propedeuse within one year he switched again to the University of Utrecht where he studied chemistry for five years. After graduating in 2000 at the inorganic (physical) chemistry group of Prof. Meyerink, he took a PhD position at the Institute for Marine and Atmospheric research Utrecht (University of Utrecht). This PhD research included ice core and firn air research and field work to Antarctica. During his study and later during his PhD work, he enjoyed teaching students about chemistry and glaciers.

After receiving his PhD in 2004 he took a teaching position at the higher laboratory school (HLO) in Leiden where he teaches: general chemistry, climate chemistry, spectroscopy and practical chemical laboratory techniques. Currently he is still teaching enthusiastically at the HLO of Leiden and also has a developer’s position aside his teaching job at the junior science laboratory of the University of Leiden.

Karsten participated in the networkind day of the PCDI Postdoc Retreat for Life Sciences 2009, 2010, 20112012 and 2013