Marein de Jong PhD

Senior Policy Advisor, Aids Fonds

Marein obtained her bachelor degree in Biology and Clinical Laboratory Sciences at the University of Cincinnati, USA, where she received an full- athletic scholarship from of the university swimming team. She continued her education with a Master degree biomedical sciences, specialisation Oncology from the Free University (VU), Amsterdam. In the research group of prof.dr. Theo Geijtenbeek (VUmc, currently AMC), Marein obtained her PhD entitled “Langerhans cells and dendritic cells in innate defense against pathogens” (2010) and followed by a post-doc in immunology in the group of prof. dr. Hergen Spits, AMC. In 2012 she made the move from academia to policy making/ research project manager at the Aids Fonds. Marein is responsible for  the annual open call for HIV related scientific research and monitoring and evaluation of the research projects once they have started. She is also involved policymaking for the Aids Fonds and in translating research to the general public for communications and fundraising. Marein enjoys working in a socially engaged organisation while developing skills in the world of policy-making and grant-project management. “I love my position in which I contribute to academia/ scientific research without being in the lab any longer”.

Marein participated as a speaker in the Life Science Cafe of October 2012.