Stefan Kowalczyk PhD


Patent examiner medical diagnosis, European Patent Office

Since two years, I am a patent examiner at the European Patent Office (EPO), where I am responsible for granting (or refusing) patents on medical diagnosis technologies, which encompasses judging if new devices that measure something on or in the human body are really that new and inventive as the applicants claim and worth a patent or not.

After writing a master thesis on black holes and string theory at the University of Amsterdam, I obtained a PhD from TU Delft, where I worked on translocation of DNA through solid-state nanopores (basically, pulling DNA spaghetti through very tiny holes in for example graphene).

I also collaborated with chemists and biologists to develop biomimetic nanopores that mimic the natural nanopores in our bodies.

Stefan Kowalczyk participated in the speeddate session of the PCDI Retreat 2014 STEM.