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What to do after your PhD or postdoc? What career options are there? What motivated other PhDs to choose for a particular career path? How do they like it and what skills do they consider important?

We lined up some role-models to inspire you. We are continuously extending this selection for careers in the life sciences or STEM, whether it is academia, industry, government, non-profit etc.

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Valentina Sasselli PhD

Managing Editor, Elsevier

Valentina has a Research Master in Medical Biotechnology from the University of Bologna, Italy and a PhD in Cell and Developmental Biology from University College London


Raymond Hulzink PhD

Scientist, KeyGene

Raymond Hulzink is a Scientist at KeyGene, a plant biotechnology company in the Netherlands. In the last twelve years, he has gained much experience in whole genome and transcriptome sequencing


Cindy Swett PhD


Scientist Viral Vaccines, Johnson & Johnson.

Cindy Swett obtained her PhD in Immunology in Mainz, Germany (2006). Following her studies, she continued her career in molecular virology at LUMC, Leiden, The Netherlands. In 2008, she attended the PCDI Postdoc Retreat for the first time. After the retreat, she focused on finding the role that fits with her qualities. Today she enjoys working as a Scientist in the department of Viral Vaccines at Crucell / Johnson and Johnson 


Floor Campfens PhD

 Lecturer/researcher, Saxion University of Applied Science

Floor Campfens (January 18th, 1985) studied Biomedical Engineering at the University of Twente. In 2009 she graduated cum laude as Master of Science and continued as a PhD student in the field of Biomechanical Engineering and Clinical Neurophysiology


Martijn Gosselink PhD

Data Scientist & Advisor Big Data, KPMG

Martijn Gosselink obtained his PhD at the University of Amsterdam in 2010. His PhD research focused on measuring the production of top quarks with the ATLAS detector at the Large Hadron Collider (CERN).