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What to do after your PhD or postdoc? What career options are there? What motivated other PhDs to choose for a particular career path? How do they like it and what skills do they consider important?

We lined up some role-models to inspire you. We are continuously extending this selection for careers in the life sciences or STEM, whether it is academia, industry, government, non-profit etc.

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Danny Dukers

Danny DukersHLO education manager at Hogeschool Leiden

During my PhD and post-doct period I supervised many students from both University and Technical University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool) which I really enjoyed. In 2003 I applied for a position as a teacher medical biology at the Hogeschool Leiden. Teaching people who are really interested in the subject is very rewarding and you're trying to educate the technicians of the future. After a while some management tasks were given to me and this led to a shift from being a teacher to becoming a manager. Since 2009 my main part of the job is management, but I still have approximately ten percent of teaching activities. 


Frans van Huizen

Frans van HuizenSenior Medical Writer at Genzyme

After completing his PhD at the Netherlands Institute for Neuroscience, Frans van Huizen moved to Canada for postdoctoral research on receptor plasticity in the brain.  This postdoc was followed by two periods in the Drug Discovery Units of Organon and Organon Teknika for research on new anti-depressants and muscle relaxants.  He then moved out of the laboratory to become a medical writer and project manager in a clinical research organization (CRO).


Danielle Curfs PhD

Programme manager at BMM

Daniëlle Curfs (born 1976) obtained her MSc in Environmental Health Sciences in 2000 at the University of Maastricht, Netherlands. In 2004 she obtained her PhD in Life Sciences and Health (Departments of Health Risk Analysis & Toxicology and Pathology, University of Maastricht) specialising in the role of environmental carcinogens in atherogenesis.


Herman Verheij PhD

Programme manager at TI Pharma

Dr. Verheij has extensive experience in Early Drug Discovery. After finishing his PhD in Amsterdam in 1997, and holding a post-doc position for two years in Wageningen, he joined Specs, one of the world’s leading suppliers of screening chemistry, as Manager of the “Cheminformatics and Screening Collaborations” department.



Anke Klerkx PhD

Consultant national research funding at Leiden University Research and Innovation Services

Anke Klerkx graduates in Molecular Sciences in Wageningen in 1997. After obtaining her PhD in developmental biology at the University of Utrecht, Anke Klerkx switches research fields and performes both basic and clinical research on cholesterol metabolism as a postdoc at the AMC for a total of seven years. During this period she obtains two grants from the Dutch Heart Foundation and becomes active in the Postdoc Career Development Initiative. At this time, she also becomes aware of her organizational skills and drive to help other people, and decides on a career switch towards supporting scientists.