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What to do after your PhD or postdoc? What career options are there? What motivated other PhDs to choose for a particular career path? How do they like it and what skills do they consider important?

We lined up some role-models to inspire you. We are continuously extending this selection for careers in the life sciences or STEM, whether it is academia, industry, government, non-profit etc.

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Amon R. Wafelman PhD

Qualified Person Parenterals

Pharmacist by education (1989), Amon graduated as Ph.D. on radiochemical stability and metabolic profile of ([131I/123I]-) meta-iodobenzylguanidine in Slotervaartziekenhuis and Netherlands Cancer Institute. After working as immunotherapeutics pharmacist and later hospital pharmacist and Qualified Person at Leiden University Medical Center, he moved to TEVA Pharmachemie in 2010, where he became Qualified Persons Parenterals.He recently started as Dutch Industrial Pharmacists (NIA)-delegate to European Industrial Pharmacists Group (EIPG).


Hester van Zeeburg PhD

Scientist Clinical Assays at Crucell

In 2003 I started my career as a researcher by doing a PhD at the VU University in oncology. After finishing my PhD, I decided to shift gears from oncology to (tumor) immunology, but as a postdoc at the LUMC. The next postdoc was again tumor immunology at the NKI. After 1 year I made the career move to the pharmaceutical industry, to Crucell, a vaccine company based in Leiden. At this moment I’m working there as a scientist clinical assays, which implies that I’m analyzing many clinical trial samples from vaccine studies currently run by Crucell.


Karin Horsman PhD

Senior policy advisor Business Innovation at Wageningen UR

After my MSc and PhD in Plant Breeding, during which I was chairman of the PhD council of the graduate school Experimental Plant Sciences (EPS), I changed my career towards policy advisory. Subsequently I held positions in the headquarters of Wageningen University and the graduate school EPS focussing on research quality and PhD policy.


Sheba Agarwal-Jans PhD

Journal Publisher at Elsevier

After completing her PhD in Erasmuc MC, Sheba did a 4 year postdoc in the VUMC in the field of DNA repair. She began to think seriously about changing careers in the last year of her postdoc, and attended several events including the BioBusiness Summer school and the PCDI retreat. She made the transition from the bench to the world of scientific publishing...


Eline Hanekamp PhD

Program Manager at Excerpta Medica

Eline obtained her PhD in 2004 from Erasmus MC Rotterdam. After working in several research fields, such as Veterinary Virology, Oncology, Forensic Research, and Diabetes, she decided to leave academia, and became a salesperson of natural, animal-friendly cosmetics for a year and a half. Science kept calling though, which is why in 2010 she joined Excerpta Medica, a medical communications agency.