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What to do after your PhD or postdoc? What career options are there? What motivated other PhDs to choose for a particular career path? How do they like it and what skills do they consider important?

We lined up some role-models to inspire you. We are continuously extending this selection for careers in the life sciences or STEM, whether it is academia, industry, government, non-profit etc.

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Bob Hoomans PhD

R&D Recruiter, DSM

Bob Hoomans is a Dutch native who studied Chemical Engineering at Twente University. His graduation project on granular dynamics simulationof gas-solid two-phase flows turned out to be very successful. The basic paper of this work that appeared in Chemical Engineering Science already received over 300 citations. The project was continued in a PhD study that was hosted by the Chemical Engineering Science group of professors Kuipers and van Swaaij and the molecular simulation group of professor Briels.



Michiel Coenen

Physics Development Engineer, TMC Physics

Specializing in organic chemistry and solid state physics. After obtaining his M.Sc. degree, he did his PhD research on scanning probe microscopy on self-assembled porphyrin monolayers at the same university. He decided to leave academia and figured that the best way to switch to Research and Development in a commercial environment is to spend a few years working on a variety of projects in different companies. He found the opportunity to do so at TMC Physics starting May of this year and just finished his first project at Océ Technologies.



Gerard van Veen PhD

Manager Science and Technology, FEI Company

After studying physics at the University of Utrecht I did my PhD in the area of photo-dissociation at the Amolf in Amsterdam. Early 1985 I accepted position at the Philips Research Laboratories (NatLab). There I worked on a variety of subjects ranging from surface physics, solid state physics, laser ablation , ion sputtering, thin film deposition (especially superconductors), thermal cathodes, cold field emission to more practical topics like thin display technology, shaving and analysis of skin hydration.



Jeroen van Hoof PhD

Consulting manager IT Risk management IBM NL, Technical Professions Council leader and Technical Eminence Champion leader, IBM Benelux

I obtained my PhD in Theoretical Physics at the Radboud University Nijmegen on research into the electronic structure of metal surfaces and interfaces. After this I did post-doctoral research at Delft University and Philips Research Laboratories. In 1997 I became a parallelization expert at SARA in Amsterdam. In 2000 I joined PwC and worked in ERP until PwC Consulting was acquired by IBM in 2002. 



Rens Evers PhD

Project Manager Engine Development, DAF Trucks N.V.

Rens Evers (1976) received this MSc in Mechanical Engineering from the TU/e in 1999.During his PhD, he was a visiting student at the MIT, Cambridge (US), where the foundation for his thesis on Crystal Plasticity was laid. He completed 4 international journal publications and was awarded “Most Cited Article, 2004 to 2008” by Elsevier.