Employability Outside Academia course

How to increase your professional attractiveness to non-academic employers? The first step is to ensure you are adequately informed about the demands from industry and non profit organisations. This allows you to develop a well-balanced suitable skill set while you are still doing your PhD or postdoc. This may sound easy, but can be very challenging within the academic network and environment.

For these reasons, PCDI launched the course 'Employability outside academia - managing personal development for PhD students and postdocs to bridge the transition to non-academic careers'. The course [in English] is specifically meant for Early Career Researchers intending to make the transition out of academia. The programme consists of 3x 1 full-day sessions in a 3-month period and provides a comprehensive insight into demands by the industry and non profit organisations. Learn more about the programming and the upcoming edition.  New course starts on 29 April 2019.


In 2016, 2017 and 2018 all earlier editions were sold out. Are you interested to participate? Register soon to avoid disappointment.