Individual coaching

PCDI offers various activities to support you by answering questions you have about your career and its prospect. With increasing frequency early career researchers contact PCDI for personal guidance. They are looking for a non-judgmental place to explore the significant changes they want to make in their personal or working life.  


Do you feel you would benefit from individual guidance regarding your personal and career development?

Are you wondering how to balance the demands of your senior role, how to handle difficult work related situations or how to manage a career change? Are you stuck and unsure what direction to take?

No matter which issues you have, make sure frustration and anxiety do not get the better of you and stop you making real strides in your career.



PCDI offers individual coaching to assistent professors, postdocs and PhD students from all backgrounds, helping them to take charge of their situation, move forward with confidence and really make things happen. 

Whilst following an individual programme, we address your specific focus points.

A few examples of questions that could be the starting point for individual coaching:


'I have got the promotion I have worked for, but the long hours are getting in the way of my personal life'

' I  want to head up a specific function. I know what I want to achieve, but I am not quite sure how to get there'

'I am currently employed as a postdoc. Over the last two years my work has no longer given me the satisfaction I need.
I would like to go into a different direction, but I am not sure how to go about it. And is this even possible?'

'I  keep getting to the final round of interviews but I never can clinch the deal'

'I notice that something needs to change for me, because I no longer get pleasure from my work.
I still like doing research, but everything else is taking more and more effort’

 ' I would like to make the transition to industry, but I keep being rejected and I don’t know why' 

'I have come to a point that I do no longer want to stay in the dependent position I am currently in.
I know what I want and am able to do more, but I do not know how to direct this'


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