Practical information

One coaching session takes approximately 60-90 minutes. You can opt for one or multiple coaching sessions. A full learning trajectory consists of five sessions and also includes assignments and personality tests.

Before individual coaching is initiated, PCDI will schedule an informal intake interview. This allows us to offer support tailored to your personal needs and make clear what to expect. Together with PCDI you will make a plan for coaching by defining your starting point, your goals and what you need to get there. The intake interview is usually conducted by telephone.

The coaching sessions will be carried out at the premises of PCDI's office in central Utrecht.


The costs for individual coaching are € 95,- per hour (excl. 21% taxes). The employers’ rate is € 140,- per hour. Learn what possibilities exist to have your coaching sessions reimbursed by your employer. For those who have to leave academia, you can also ask about the 'transitie budget'  to fund your coaching. 

It is good to know that expenses on career advice are tax deductible as educational expenses, provided it is part of a learning trajectory under supervision. This is applicable to individuals as well as employers. For full details we refer you to the Tax Office [Belastingsdienst].

More information

Contact Lilian Menu, director PCDI, for more information via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.