Masterclass Consultancy

Masterclass Strategy Consulting in Health Care 9 November 


Are you ambitious, smart and creative? An independent worker with strong analytical skills? And a professional who can be resolute and adaptable at the same time and knows how to prioritise?

Chances are that you have been able to answer most, if not all, of these questions with ‘yes’. Did you know that these skills already meet half of the requirements to start a career as a strategy consultant? Have you ever considered working in this sector? 

Consultants are hired to solve complex challenges for their clients. They give objective advice using their strong analytical skills. This is exactly the kind of professional challenge that matches the PhD profile! Not your scientific experience is needed for this job, but your all-round PhD skills. Read more.

But what is it actually like to work as a strategy consultant? And would you feel at home in the environment that consultants operate in? 

You would probably like to find out more before taking the step to send in an application. 

Then this is your chance: to support you to discover whether there is a consultant in you, PCDI has jointly set up a masterclass with Gupta Strategists, especially for the PCDI network!

Gupta Strategists is a small strategy consulting firm operating in the Health Sector. From the challenges health care institutions and providers face to assignments for private investment companies, working at Gupta Strategists means making a relevant contribution to a sector with a high societal impact.

Do you think working as a consultant matches your ambition? And would you like to find out more about what it is like to work for Gupta Strategists? Then make sure not to miss the opportunity to get invited to the dedicated event we are organising on Thursday 9 November 2017!

Take note: the Gupta Strategists Masterclass not only enables you to gain unique insights into working in consultancy for the Health Sector, it is also an excellent occasion for Gupta to meet potential strategists!

For more information about the professional challenges Gupta Strategists offers PhD graduates visit the Gupta Strategists page on the PCDI website.



The Gupta Strategists Masterclass is a full day programme. Selected participants learn the ins and outs of working at Gupta Strategists. Get a taste of what it is like to work on a case as a strategy consultant (based on real cases) and find out about the variety of challenges Gupta strategists face in their work.

The informal setting of the Gupta Strategists Masterclass also provides perfect opportunity to ask individual questions and find out if the professional challenges and organisation culture match what you are looking for. Furthermore it enables you to talk to PhD graduates working at Gupta Strategists and learn from them how they made their choices and experience working for Gupta Strategists in comparison to working at university.



Participating in the Gupta Strategists Masterclass is free of charge. To guarantee quality of this event participation is limited to 20 people. Only those applicants with the best motivation and drive combined with good grades in high school and university will be selected. As Gupta Strategists works for Dutch organisations, proficiency of Dutch at a minimum of professional proficiency level is required.

Sign up now and showcase your skills at the Gupta Strategists Masterclass. Before submitting your application in Dutch, please read the  Guidelines for Application and Terms and Conditions.


Detailed Information


A masterclass to learn the ins and outs of working at Gupta Strategists as a strategy consultant (in Dutch)


Postdocs and final stage PhD students with strong interest in consultancy and health


9 November, starting at 9.30 am,  we will end the day with a diner with all participants


Villa Jongerius, Utrecht


Free of charge


(Full) professional to native / bilingual proficiency in Dutch
(IRL level 3 – 5). Read the Guidelines for Application.  


Not very relevant; from biomedical sciences, health & neurology to applied mathematics, finance, economics, chemical engineering and physics


Via PCDI's registration website before 16 October.