Postdocs - supervisors in dialogue

PCDI's miniconference 'Postdocs and supervisors in dialogue' are organised to bring together local supervisors and young scientists to have an active dialogue about the importance of personal and career development and how to combine this with excellent research. The involvement of the local dean and policy advisors ensured that the outcome of the dialogues is heard and can serve as a basis to improve postdoc policy.


This project has been highly appreciated by hosting organisations. Do you think that postdoc policy at your institute could also be improved? PCDI is available to run an edition at your faculty/ institute. Deans, HR departments, programme coordinators can contact PCDI to enquire about the possibilities via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Postdocs - supervisors in dialogue

What expectations do postdocs and supervisors have from the postdocs' appointment? Who is responsible for professional development and a challenging work environment? How should you go about making a plan for a successful career in or outside academia?

In the 'postdocs - supervisors in dialogue' 10 postdocs and 10 supervisors meet to discuss these questions in the presence of dean and policy advisors. Goals of the 'postdocs-supervisors in dialogue' are:

  • To increase awareness among supervisors and postdocs on the necessity of personal and career development
    to deliver excellent research
  • To call postdocs into action to take charge of their own career
  • To encourage supervisors to actively support their employees in career development and in future career decisions
  • To stimulate supervisors, early career researchers and research institutes to jointly take actions to improve¬†
    personal, professional and career development
  • To create a basis to improve local postdoc policy

The total running time of the mini-conferences is approximately 2,5 hours