Outcome and follow up

Postdocs - supervisors in dialogues have previously been held at different departments of the following universities/institutes: Uva, AMC, VU & VUmc, Erasmus MC, WUR, RadboudUMC, UU, Leiden University & TU Delft. 

The dialogues were well appreciated by the participating postdocs and principle investigators, as well as by board members. Most important reasons for the success of this project were the open and constructive atmosphere in which both postdocs and PIs showed a proactive and responsible attitude, willingness to listen to each other and teamed up to find creative solutions.




Participants' feedback:

'Contracts of postdocs are mostly temporary, and the number of postdocs outweighs available scientific/faculty positions. The reason to participate in this project was to increase postdocs' and PIs' awareness about their responsibilities in postdoc career development. As an organisation it is crucial to start and maintain this dialogue to make sure that people are and feel supported in this process'. [board member]

'Very interesting to also speak with PIs from other departments about how each of us deal with postdoc career development. There is a lot to learn from each other.' [principle investigator]

'It was useful to have this dialogue. It helps to gain more information about possible career trajectories and have the responsibilities of postdocs AND PIs have in this process clarified. It is more transparant now what support is available and what my PI could contribute.' [postdoc]


Based on the outcome of the postdocs - supervisors in dialogue pilot at the initial 6 institutes, PCDI published a leaflet for both postdoctoral researchers and supervisors.


This publication not only describes the need for 'postdocs - supervisors in dialogue', it also provides suggested topics to discuss in order to maximise understanding of mutual interests and possible improvement of collaboration.

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