Working as a 'Gupta strategist'


"Attracted by the prospect to work on a diverse range of subjects and make meaningful contributions, the idea of becoming a consultant has always been in the back of my mind. Before I made the decision to work in this sector, I wasn’t really sure whether the commercial side of the job would appeal to me. I now realize however that the commercial side for me - working for a client - means that I need to push myself harder. And this feels very rewarding.

Working as a consultant is highly ambitious work. Because the time span of your project is much shorter than in university, you need to be able to quickly come to the core of a problem and draw tentative conclusions. You are continuously stimulated to get maximum results. And if you do not manage to find what you are looking for, you need to pull more of yourself. 

What makes working at Gupta Strategists especially rewarding is that it sets great score by personal development. This is important because Gupta is also very ambitious and is continuously seeking to develop itself to be able to compete at the top.

Therefore all consultants need to function at a same high level. Many of the skills I use as a consultant are learned on-the-job, but if there is something that I need in particular, Gupta will look for a way for me to get it. In this, working at Gupta is completely different from working in academia, where your personal development is not always at the top of the list..."