Working at Gupta Strategists fits me perfect

High impact, working for a customer, and working in a team are all aspects of working that energize me, and which I have found working as a strategy consultant at Gupta Strategists.

During my PhD, I missed the practical application and visible consequences of my research. I only noticed that my PhD research mattered when I started working with patients and that I could contribute to solving their medical issues. This gave me a real boost in motivation. I was, however, still disappointed that my research did not have positive effects for patients in the short-term. What I also thoroughly enjoyed during my PhD, was the discussions with colleagues to address issues from an intellectual perspective and to bring each other a step further by introducing other views.
All of these things which gave me energy during my PhD, I now have as a strategy consultant at Gupta Strategists. And even more in fact! We work four days a week at the location of our customers. We always work in teams and continuously challenge each other in obtaining the highest impact for our customers.

Recently, my colleagues and I carried out a really interesting project for a customer. We had 3 months to help a Dutch hospital to reduce their budget by 5%. The board of the hospital had performed several benchmarks, which indicated that the budgets of the various departments were quite diverse, and that the budgets of some departments could be cut when compared to others. By analysing the benchmarks and carrying out discussions at various levels in the hospital, we were able to formulate pinpointed advice in setting the following year’s budget.

This combination of performing complex analytics and understanding the story behind the numbers made it a successful project. As a result, we did not set the budget by an overall equal decrease. Instead, we allowed some departments to grow and supported other departments to reduce their costs and stay within the smaller budget. In this way, we were effectively able to balance out the various budgets of the hospital.

Besides the projects, another important aspect of being a consultant at Gupta Strategists is the atmosphere. Working in an enthusiastic, down-to-earth, and relatively small team is both stimulating and rewarding. Although we only see each other on Fridays, in our varying offices for a day, we form a close-knit team. Our common goal is the development and further professionali-sation of our organisation. So, if one of us needs help or advice, the rest of the team is always willing to make time for them. The drive and intelligence of my colleagues is contagious and helps me to get the most out of myself. All in all, working at Gupta Strategists fits me perfectly.