My masterclass experience

Driven by curiosity, Merel registered herself for the Masterclass Strategy Consultancy, not knowing that her future would be here. Meanwhile she has been working as a consultant at Gupta Strategists for one year now. 

 “In the final year of my promotion I was looking for the next career step. A postdoc was the obvious choice, but after specialising for 4 years I wanted to broaden myself. Applied research in business or technical consultancy appealed to me. Strategy consultant was slightly beyond me. I had heard that my love for puzzling and analysing would be perfect for strategy consultancy, but initially I thought that this would be too competitive and too commercial for me. The Masterclass was a good opportunity to test my prejudices.

During the masterclass, I became more and more enthusiastic. I have experienced how complex and dynamic healthcare is: many players and complicated questions on various areas. That we would obtain so many insights together in such a short period of time and come up with solutions that really work, gave me a lot of energy. Besides that, we however had to focus in the presentation on what the customer wants to know, instead of how we had come up with this. Rather a difficult assignment after a period in science where the order is reversed.

For me it was important that I wanted to discover during the Masterclass if I would fit in this organisation. I met many Gupta employees and therefore I was able to feel the atmosphere. The relaxed mutual contact appealed to me. It is a team of smart people with various backgrounds who complement each other and who pay much attention to personally help each other to develop.”

Merel has been employed at Gupta for one year now. During this year she has learned a lot and she has grown in her new role as a consultant. She is given many opportunities to further develop herself in other areas. It is gratifying to work in the social field.

Why would you, according to Merel, register yourself for the Masterclass?

 “To find out what suits you. It is great to look around in another environment. There are no obligations, you can always make another choice for your career. And it is very nice to meet PhDs who also want to make a career switch and who have the same questions as you.”