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    PCDI believes that collaboration with industrial partners can bring an extra dimension to her activities. PCDI carefully selects equal-minded partners who also highly value broad professional development of scientists and aim to maximize their potential. Together with us they aspire the values to incubate talent, stimulate them to get the best out of themselves and use their qualities in an optimum way.

    Over the past years, PCDI has collaborated with:

    ABN AMRO, Agendia,, Aidsfonds, AIMM Therapeutics, Air Traffic Control The Netherlands, Allseas, Apollo Tyres, Alzheimer Nederland, Ambient, Amdix BV, Amphia Ziekenhuis, Amsterdam Biomed Cluster, Amsterdam Innovatie Motor,  ARCADIS, Arthrogen, ASML, AstraZeneca BV, AWT, BBMRI-NL, BMM, Berenschot, BioSynthema Global Operations BV, BioBusiness Summer School, Bioceros, Blue4Green, Catalyze, CBG-MEB, Centocor, Cell4Pharma, chdr, Comprehensive Cancer Centre Rotterdam, Council for the Environment and Infrastructure, Cristel Delivery, Crossbeta Biosciences, Crucell, Ctgb, CTMM, DAF Trucks NV, Danone Research, DDF Services, De Fouw Consult-In-Action, Delta Marine Consultants, Deventer Ziekenhuis, Diabetes Fonds, DSM, EGL, Elsevier, Enza Zaden, EPWS, ERIBA,  European Platform of Women Scientists, European Patent Office, Excerpta Medica, FlexGen, FEI Company, Floor van de Pavert, Forbion Captial Partners, , FrieslandCampina, Gen2 Med Comm, Genencor, Genmab, Genome Diagnostics, Genzyme, GlaxoSmithKline, Go Sens!,  Gupta Strategists, HAN BioCentre, Het Nieuwe Lyceum, Hezelburcht, High Profile Group Life Science and Health, IBM Benelux, IKC Rotterdam, INCOTEC, Immuno Valley, Innotact Consulting, Innovatieplatform, IQ Corporation, Janssen, Keygene, Kennispunt Betawetenschappen, KPMG, KWF Kankerbestrijding, IXA, La Cave Insolitude,  Leiden Bio Science Park, Leloux, Science and Business BV, Life Science Partners, Luris, Maastricht Instruments, Mapper Lithography, Maxima Medisch Centrum, McKinsey&Company, Medis medical imaging systems, Merck BV, Merus,  Ministry of Defence, Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, Ministry of VROM-COGEM, MIT, Monsanto, Nederlandse Hartstichting, Nefarma, Netherlands Forensic Institute,  NGI, Noldus Information Technology, Novo Nordisk, NWO, Numico Research, Nunhems Bayer Crop Science, NXP Semiconductors, Océ,  Octrooibureau LIOC,  Onze Lieve Vrouwe Gasthuis, OLVG Amsterdam, ORAC Europe BV, Organon, Ostendum, People in Sciences,  Phenovation,  Philips, Pluriomics, PRA International, Prosensa Therapeutics BV, RGO, Rijk Zwaan,  RIVM, Roche Diagnostics, Sam Gobin,  Sanquin, Saxion, Schering-Plough, Schlumberger, Seed Valley, SenterNovem, Shell,  Skyline Diagnostics, SMS Oncology, SNS Reaal, SoFoKleS, Solvay, Spinnovation, Stichting SURF, Stienstra Development Stidé,  STW,  SynCo Bio Partners, Tata Steel Europe, TEVA Pharmachemie, Thales Nederland, TI Pharma, TMC, TNO, to-BBB technologies BV, UbiQ, Unilever, Vanderlande Industries, Vereenigde, Viola da gamba, Voedingscentrum, Xelvin,  XomicX,, ZonMW

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    The majority of PhD graduates will (have to) make a transition out of academia. However, it is not easy to oversee your options. While PCDI’s ‘Employability Outside Academia’ course offers guidance in the transition process, we also want to provide concrete examples of non-academic organisations that may suit your profile as a PhD student or postdoc.

    PCDI Priority Partners features companies who support and share PCDI’s mission to encourage young science professionals in broad professional and career development. They can provide excellent work environments that enable PhD graduates to flourish.

    Strategy consulting

    Have you ever considered Strategy Consulting? In your career as an academic researcher, you have developed many valuable skills that can be applied in this sector. Consultants are appointed to improve the long-term performance of their clients, e.g. by solving organisational issues, by optimising internal processes and/or by providing support in the implementation of new strategies. Clients opt for external advisors for their ability to be objective in their approach. Strong analytical skills and experience in project management are of use to serve companies and organisations in all types of sectors. Your value is determined by your all-round PhD skills, rather than your scientific expertise. To learn more about the strategy consulting sector in the Netherlands, please visit


    Gupta Strategists

    We would like to draw attention to Gupta Strategists, as we believe that this consultancy organisation is of particular interest to PhD graduates who would like to enter this sector.

    Gupta Strategists is characterised by its dedicated focus on the Health Sector, serving health care institutions, healthcare providers and health-related organisations in public administrations and private investment companies. 

    Gupta consultants act both as specialists - regarding the dedicated field of work -, as 
    well as generalists, regarding the diversity of issues to be addressed in the Health Sector.


    • Gupta Strategists is small and maintains a simple and informal organisational structure. Being part of a small company (25 employees as of September 2015) favours interaction with colleagues, e.g. in weekly meetings where knowledge is shared. The company size also favours the visibility of your impact on both your assignment and the company. How rewarding is that?
    • Gupta Strategists highly values personal development of their consultants. Therefore you can expect supervision and individual training. Entrepreneurship is encouraged and supplementary education is offered in particular situations.
    • Gupta consultants do relevant work: Dealing with real-life issues to develop solutions that will make an (immediate) impact on the client’s organisation. This will appeal to you if you feel unfulfilled by the long-term character of relevance of academic research. Moreover, serving the Health Sector means that you make contributions to matters with high societal impact. This sector is currently undergoing many changes: it may happen that the content you just worked on, is featured in the evening news that day!


    Professional challenge that matches PhDs

    Is a PhD a requirement to be a consultant? Will I find the intellectual challenge I need? 
    Two very important questions to address in career orientation.

    No, a PhD is not an absolute requirement to become a consultant, but Gupta Strategists do acknowledge its value. They know that you, as a PhD will bring in solid analytical skills, creativity, experience in quantitative data and more. For this reason Gupta Strategists sees PhDs as desirable potential employees. No less than 30% of the consultants at Gupta have a PhD, some also have postdoc experience. Their background varies from biomedical sciences, health and neurology to applied mathematics, finance, chemical engineering and physics. As stated earlier, the scientific field is of lesser importance: it is the PhD that makes you valuable.

    We believe that PhDs will be able to find intellectual fulfilment in this professional challenge. Consultants are highly ambitious people in a profession that demands a critical mindset, strong problem solving abilities, meeting deadlines (being good at prioritising is a must), independence, strong communication skills, adaptability to the clients organisational culture and wishes while staying resolute in your purpose. Demands that cannot be met by just any person!

    Join us to find out whether there is a consultant in you!

    Would management consultancy at Gupta Strategists suit you? Find more detailed information about this organisation here [website in Dutch].

    PCDI aims to bring together bright PhD professionals and organisations that value and support PhDs in their career. If you think that consultancy in the health sector matches your ambitions and profile and you would like to find out what it is like to work for Gupta Strategists, then keep an eye on the PCDI website for a special introduction programme organised for the PCDI network! 



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